Week in Review

Oh man it’s definitely fall/Halloween around these parts! It has finally cooled down enough that I can wear pants! And buy/consume candy corn and not get weird looks!

So, let’s see what happened ’round here this week:

-made some banana espresso chocolate chip muffins with a recipe from sweet pea’s kitchen. It’s amazing I managed to get this one photo. I really should stop mentioning I baked things if I can’t stop shoveling said treats into my mouth to take a proper picture.

-is it just The Beau & me that think the pumpkin candy corn tastes better than the rest?

-the bushes all around our place have been blooming since it cooled down considerably, and I am so glad I captured them when I did because the next day, all the flowers fell off.

-had an impromptu pumpkin-carve with my mom. We decided to brave a Martha Stewart idea and do a reverse carve. You carve so that the design is like a 3-d relief of an image, and the shell around it is carved down so the light will show through. Well, Martha can explain it better than I can.

-The Beau and I are going to a Halloween party on Saturday and I am so excited! I haven’t been to an honest to goodness Halloween party in AGES, so I wanted to do it right. The above photo is my inspiration. Bwahaha!

-Sunday is the Cupcake Love-In and we are going for the 2nd year in a row. So stoked that I am going to try and abstain from snacks and desserts the next couple days *starts doing jumping jacks*

Not pictured: going to a Louis CK show tonight, very stoked.

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