Beginning and Possibly, An End.

After 3+ years of writing semi-regularly on this blog, I feel that it may be time for a hiatus of quite some time.
I feel like my writing has changed into a style that isn’t mine, I feel overwhelmed by too many projects I want to pick up (or finish), and my creative juices are suffering a major downswing at this point in time.

I just didn’t want to leave anyone who reads this hanging any longer.

I might start writing on here again. I may start a new blog, I may not.

But I wanted to thank the people that did read it, and did enjoy it. You guys were just swell.

2 thoughts on “Beginning and Possibly, An End.

  1. I would be sad not to read your blog anymore…but I totally understand what you mean. I feel the same about my blog these days. I think changes in 2012 are a good thing:)

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