Tuesday Spotlight: Emmy Cicierega


Over the last few years, mainly thanks to twitter and podcasts, I have found some amazing sorts of people – artists, writers, comedians, etc.  I figured that, since there is about a week left for her collaborative Kickstarter, I’d spotlight Emmy Cicierega. Her comics have a great aesthetic and they crack me up.

All art Emmy’s, via her tumblr.

Black and White Out For Delivery

I am completely enamored with “________in a box is my fave” on You Are My Fave, and I get so inspired that I thought I’d share my own creations in a series as well.

I have made a fun and crazy care package before, but this is my latest – Black and White. 🙂

Fun Mail contains: photobooth pics, silver alphabet stickers, giant Moleskine notebook with security-envelope stars and scallops, vintage matches from a possibly no longer in existence lounge, Bicycle cards and homemade bookplates, care of Design Sponge (see another photo here). I almost threw in some Thin Mints, but they would have melted all over everything with the heat. If I sent this in winter, there would be BW food, like a devil dog or something.

Things I Learned This Month

I have decided to throw myself into, and return to, this li’l blog of mine. (I might write about it later)

But I thought I’d kick it off with a few things I learned this month that blew my mind.

☼ Hugh Everett, physicist and originator of the many-worlds interpretation of quantum theory, is the father of Mark Everett, lead singer of the Eels. Yes, you know the Eels.

☼ I learned about pica. According to The Beau, it is the space between lines in a news story. Sure enough, when I look it up, his story checks out. (that guy, he’s right about everything.)

☼ Listening to the Diane Rehm Show the other day, I heard the term “Boston marriage.” I had never heard of it before, and I love when I find out things that are hard to describe succinctly have their own phrase.

☼ The title says it all – The Desk Jockey Workout: 8 Ways to Stay in Shape at the Office

☼ I don’t know if any of you enjoy Mommy Wants Vodka, but she is going through a very tough divorce, in the middle of a very tough bout of depression. Kind words are always appreciated over there.

☼ Here’s my favorite way to annoy people, ie, why I don’t hang out with people. (via ASPAUL)

☼ At this Utah resort (called the Homestead), you can take a dip in an underground, geothermal spring called The Crater. This makes me actually want to visit Utah. Just look how magical it is:

On that note, I will wish you a wonderful weekend and check back every once in a while – I might surprise you with some content! 🙂