Fridays Were Made For Links Galore

(I will be back later with a new weekly article, My Home Bar, a place to showcase my end of the week drinks.)

Just in case you didn’t have enough to do over the weekend, you might want to kick back and check out these links I scooped up for you.

♠This building will help generate energy for the 2016 Olympics in Rio. Yes, it is also a waterfall.

♠ I just want to publicly state how amazed I am at A Cup of Jo’s bathroom makeover. From a crumbling, dingy white room to a nautical-themed little cove of happiness! It gives me hope that the next place I move into will let me paint and let my creativity flourish.

♠ This hidden subway station is a great example of letting yourself wander and staying on the train.

♠ Since I have started blogging again, I am thoroughly enjoying the alt design summit’s blog. It is rich in tips, helpful advice and of course, lots of beautiful images to pore over and from which to get inspired.

♠ This PSA is why I have anxiety when my grandmother leaves her gardening shoes outside.

♠ Thanks to Twitter, I was directed to a fantastic story about crows by Molly Laich. I am super scared/nervous about birds, but I really like crows and ravens (when I can observe them at a distance).

And I just had to add a picture to the post, so why not…TORTILLA!

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