A Week of Links

Some good stuff I have delved into this week:

♠ I read this fascinating article about Pee Wee’s Big Adventure and the Tarot. You may not believe in that sort of stuff, but it’s still interesting to think of our favorite “goofy” movies as something magical.

♠ This is a long read (why is the text so small?!) about the sexytime goings-on of the Olympic Villages. Can you imagine the tension in the cafeteria with all those beautiful people?! Hope Solo’s recounting near the end is particularly great.

♠ David Duchovny on the right advice at the wrong time.

♠ Photojojo, as always, has a great DIY guide this week, this time to make a giant film roll!

It would be fun to keep props in that bucket as you travel to different shoot locations.

♠ Did any of you watch Pete and Pete when you were younguns? It was a fantastic show (although I never understood why their parents would name them both Pete), and some artistic fans got together and made a zine showing their love. I know a certain echo who will be getting a special Petunia-laden birthday present this year.

♠ On the zine note, I am all over this Twin Peaks Zine, too. I already bought mine, and as soon as it comes I will be reading it over a damn fine cup of coffee, or three. 🙂

♠ This video: How Sports Bras Work. Jenna Marbles is one of my favorite online comedians, and when she makes the statement “sports bras make you look like you have no tits, because you can’t do shit, with your titties bouncin’ all up in your face,” I lost it. Plus, it’s about the Olympics, so I guess it’s also relevant. Also, as might be obvious by the quote above, it’s NSFW.

♠ Instead of subscribing to a bunch of magazines, I’m going to follow the NYT times tag “every last word” and get all the pertinent information, without those subscription postcards falling out and stabbing me in the thigh.

♠ If you don’t follow me on Twitter or FB, you missed my flipping out but: Aug 11-13, Perseid Meteor Shower, people! (I may or may not have had this scheduled on my phone since May…) Now to figure out whether to drive out of town to watch at 10pm or 4am…There’s also an app you can download to count meteors in your area, to help NASA!

♠ And, a notebook shaped and colored like a cheese snack cracker, just because it’s friday, people. They also have a cream cookie, if that’s your thing.

cookie bookie notebook

Cookie Bookie Notebook.

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