Jean Details and Care

(click photo for larger size, if you’re a denim freak.)

Does anyone around here love the inside of jeans as much as the outside? I love when companies design with a little more than quantity in mind. I love the pocket designs of Lucky, always the perfectly-faded shamrocks. And these Loomstate Jeans, with they’re adorable polka dots, are so JESS! Too bad I couldn’t fit into them and had to hand them over to my sis. She said I could make them my “goal jeans,” and work toward fitting into them. But unless I shave my hipbones, it probably won’t happen. So I will just admire the photos of the seams and keep scouring thrift stores for some in my size.

Also, this tag is a fantastic care guide for jeans. I know it sounds gross, but jeans are not meant to be washed as much as most people think. Which, for a girl like me who abhors washing my jeans, is good news.

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