Mini Cakes From a Can

Waaaay back when I started this blog, I found some…interesting uses for tin cans, and now, thanks to Jordan at Oh Happy Day, I can add another: MINI CAKES!

This is a great excuse to hoard coffee cans and not have The Beau question my reasons. All I have to do is say it’s “for a cake idea,” and he’s willing to compromise a kitchen full of cans. (well, not a kitchen full, but a few.)

I like to start out any new endeavors by “dipping my toes” in with a sort of smaller version, so I used a two-cupcake cake recipe from How Sweet It Is and doubled it, just to make sure the batter wouldn’t overflow the can.

The frosting is a basic chocolate buttercream from Brown Eyed Baker and really, it can be as tasty as you want all with the quality of chocolate you use. I just melted semisweet chips and it was still SUPER tasty, so I can only imagine if you used some pinky-out fancy chocolate!

This also got me thinking about all the ways I could jazz it up. Like making several different kinds of complimentary cakes, and switch out the layers!

Lemon cake + Strawberry cake = Strawberry Lemonade cake!

Vanilla cake + Stout cake = Stout Float cake!

Or, even same cake, different colors? Your favorite football team, the birthday cake recipient’s favorite colors, even a rainbow!

This is my new favorite way to make a cake because 1) we don’t need a special occasion since it’s nice and small and 2) The Beau and I can polish it off without having to be sugar pushers and force friends and family to eat cake too!

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