Week of Links, Guys

Lots of good stuff this week, it’s like a link package wrapped up in fluffy clouds!

♠ Carsie Blanton is a gal whose music I enjoy. Here is My Baby Can Dance, and her newest video (out today). She also wrote a great piece about Women Who Like Sex, so, yeah, I like her even more. 🙂

♠ I discovered, via The Fox Is Black, about Malcolm Liepke, and I am stunned by his talent. Even through the computer screen, his paintings seems so alive and juicy. I want to touch them. There’s no way I could pick a favorite between all of them, but there a couple I would love to have on my walls:

♠ Jessica Helgerson and her family live in this tiny house on Sauvie Island, near Portland, that is only 540 square feet. Both The Beau and I have expressed our love of loft homes and very simple living, and to me, this is exactly what I want. Click through to see the pictures of the kitchen, the green roof (!) and the kids’ room.

♠ Did you read the great comic about Tesla a few months back? Don’t worry, it’s all here on this piece by The Oatmeal (it’s a little Tesla-biased, but that’s how I like my stories). He is using his funny powers for sciencey good by educating and urging people to donate money to build a Tesla Science Center & Museum. Tesla being one of my favorites, I will definitely donate and when the museum opens, you can bet your bottom dollar I will be making a road trip to New York!

♠ A great article called Was Cleopatra Beautiful? found via Gala Darling. Here’s my favorite excerpt:

“In the Pensées, Pascal remarks ‘Cleopatra’s nose, had it been shorter, the whole face of the world would have been changed’ (180). Ironically, what he means is that, had her nose been smaller, she would have lacked the dominance and strength of character which, in the physiognomy of the seventeenth century (or, indeed, the nineteenth century), a large nose symbolized. It is a salutary reminder that the aesthetics of beauty change over time and place.”

I wish I would have known this when I was younger – I would have felt better about my nose.

♠ This Aurora Borealis Cocktail is so marvelous! I just need to dig out my blacklight and photograph one before I drink it all down!

♠ There doesn’t seem to be a week that goes by in which I don’t mention how talented and accomplished Ramsey is. Well, here is another week, because she has published a full book! Called Year One, it chronicles her first full year in Philly including crushes, bands, healthy living, and just good old-fashioned dog drawings. I love her style of illustration and her honesty and Year One is no exception. If you like supporting talented artists, here is a great way to show some love.

♠ I missed National Rum Day! It was yesterday, but really, let’s not fuss with dates. Looks like I will be digging through my cocktail list and finding something a little more island-inspired for My Home Bar this afternoon.

♠ Lastly, it is the final day of ‘Roid Week, and I have only taken a couple pictures – for shame! I will have to seek out some new destinations and ideas so I can be prepared for next year! Here’s Tortilla, of course:

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