Reliving the Weekend

Saturday I had a surprise day off (had some water flooding at work Wednesday, they had to access damage without human foot traffic in the building)!

As someone who has regularly worked Saturdays since she was 16, Saturday day offs are pretty special. So rather than doing a bunch of chores, the only thing I had to do was go to the gym. After that, free day!

Pictured above: Doesn’t the sky seem bluer on a really good day?; I picked up Tortilla and headed over to my parents house so he could play with Elke, their German Shepherd. She is pretty much the only other dog Tortilla doesn’t try to attack/fight. I can tell she just wants to play with him, but he gets intimidated by her size and feels he has to protect himself. It’s cute. Lastly, I made a margarita last weekend for My Home Bar but by some ridiculous oversight I didn’t take pictures of the end product. So I had to make a new one. Oh what a life, indeed.


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