Links Here, Get Your Links!


I had to start this week’s links with these amazing Campbell’s Soup cans that will be on sale beginning this Sunday at Target. Obviously Warhol-inspired, I cannot wait to turn them into cliché vases and piggy banks!

Now, onto more good stuff:

♠ Hope Larson’s graphic novel version of A Wrinkle in Time is available for pre-order! Unfortunately it won’t be available to ship until after Banned Book Week, but I still might order it, because my copy of AWIT has mysteriously gone missing…

♠ I found this blog called “Forgotten Bookmarks.” An antique bookseller posts bookmarks, letters and more found between the pages of old books. I find things like this fascinating. Trinkets from another life!

♠ Here is a list of full moons, whose names and origins are interesting and more rare than today’s Blue Moon.

♠ In these months before the election we all get over-saturated with political media, but the only candidate I can ever fully back is one who enjoys happy accidents.


♠ My friends over at This Cinematic Life had a post this week about fictional movie bands called Cinepalooza, and although they got some great ones, I am always ready to talk Bill & Ted references. Wyld Stallyns always tops my fictional band list. They brought a peaceful, utopian future to the world! Which bands would you add to the roster?

Real Simple is a go-to for me for many, many things (recipes, cleaning help, etc.) but this is a surprisingly helpful place for figuring and decoding anger styles. Who knew?

disney-canvas-and-ears♠ One more – one of my closest friends is running the Disney 1/2 Marathon this Sunday, and I couldn’t be more proud of her. I cannot wait to see all her photos from the race and what better way to have a Labor Day Weekend than running a 1/2 marathon at Disneyland? Think of all the churros you could eat after!!

Any other good things this week?

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