Fun Ideas With Florals

Usually spring is the time for florals, but when has being non-traditional ever stopped me before?

For some reason, nearing the end of summer this year has got me on a floral kick. I’m usually not so flowery and girly when it comes to botanicals, but I think it is partly to do with following Anna Bond ( of Rifle Paper Co.) on Instagram (annariflebond) that has gotten my engine running for simple, but beautiful floral design.

And of course, once you see something one place, it feels like everywhere you turn, there it is.
Same with me and my florals.

I found them in gorgeously illustrated books, on people’s nails, on free printable journal labels, even return address labels for my favorite analog pasttime: penpals!

On the same note, I love the old botanical illustrations that pop up on well-manicured home design blogs, but if it were my house, I’d reproduce them wall-size, or even just paint them on there!

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