Links of the Week

Good morning, friends! I don’t have a clever intro this week, so let’s begin, shall we?

photo credits: 1, 2, 3

♠ Since summer blockbuster season is over (finally!), I am finally starting to see info pop up for movies I have been frothing at the mouth to see. The Diana Vreeland documentary The Eye Has to Travel is going to be in my neck of the woods come October (check for places near you here), so that gives a month to re-read my favorite book to re-read year after year. Also, Chicken with Plums!!

♠ As always, the girls at A Beautiful Mess are doing great things. Among the many things this week, they created some homemade photo filters. Since I don’t have the money to shell out for photoshop or other advanced image-enhancing systems, I really enjoy getting creative and doing things old-school, like these photo filters. I am excited to make some of my own, and even try them out with my polaroid pictures!

♠ Rock and Roll Bride posted this Dita quote in her Inspiration section, and it took my breath away. Such a great thing to remember while writing, photoshooting, baking.

♠ Do any of you follow Andrew WK on twitter? He seems just as full of energy and wisdom as he did more than 10 years ago, when ‘Party Hard’ first came out. Check out this sweet party tip:

♠ Last ice cream hurrahs of the season. Hope Larson, who I wrote about in last week’s links, not only created a Wrinkle in Time graphic novel, but was also part of Penn State’s Ice Cream Short Course! Can you imagine – an ice cream class?!

What has your week been all about?

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