Post Marathon in a Box

People that run have my respect. I just can’t do it for “love of the run.” Sure, I go to the gym, hang out on the elliptical, but I really don’t get into it, wake up early for it, get thrilled by the thought of it. Which is why when my girlfriend told me months ago she was running a half marathon at Disneyland my first thought was not of the thrill of the run but – think of all the churros she could eat afterward.

I am so proud of her and when I saw her holding her medal when she was done – thank you, Instagram – I totally cried. Empathy nerd!

I can only imagine, even a week after running, how much her little feets and muscles must ache, so what better way to pamper her than with an “In a Box” surprise?!

Here’s what’s hanging out in the box:

♠ tiger balm to rub all over sore calves and limping shins

♠ special socks infused with aloe. They are not the most stylish, but they work wonders on rough and tumble feet.
tylenol in a gift box

♠ A “finish line” shirt – Made with love, dafont “walt” font and a fabric sharpie. Next time I will employ freezer paper for cleaner lines, and/or a real artist.

♠ A special little box, with a special treat – pain relievers!

♠ Of course, you need some treats, so hello cereal treats! Better than the regular rice krispie treats, these are my Indoor S’mores.

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