My Head is in the Woods: Links

Tomorrow bright and early we are heading out camping, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t cull links to share with you!

♠ I could look at early surf photos for hours without end. I can’t describe it without taking pages and pages to elucidate, but suffice it to say surf photos bring out the optimistic Gidget in me. (photo Leroy Grannis via The Selvedge Yard)

♠ Flavorwire’s 20 Books About Movies Every Film Lover Should Own is now the extent of my Xmas Wishlist. I have one Ebert book, and one old Horror Movie book and that is it. For shame!

New monkey new monkey new monkey! The adult in me is completely excited and comforted that in this world that seems to get smaller and smaller, biologists can still find new species. The kid in me is excited because hee hee – its butt is so blue!

♠ As always, the Art of Manliness Article of the Week: “Are You As Fit As A World War II GI?” I can say with 97% certainty that no, I am not. But at least I have a fitness goal now. There is also info in there about the current army physical.

♠ Also, doing research on Sweetest Day, finding an invaluable post on makeup tips for photographs, researching how to make some slide film curtains, getting back into the football groove with my two favorite semi-football-related columns Jamboroo and KSK’s Sex and Fantasy Football Mailbag.

♠ Oh, and the reason I haven’t posted a new “My Home Bar?” I’ve been drinking sidecars for two weeks. I promise, once I get the grime of the woods off me next week, I will belly back up to the bar.

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