Banned Book Week: September 30-Oct 6

Banned Book Week, along with Space Week and S’mores Day, is my favorite non-paid “holiday” to celebrate. I can’t imagine a time, or a place, where I would not be allowed to read something on the basis of another person’s belief. I feel grateful to live in a country that I can decide for myself what I will and will not read, and not have someone with different values than me decide for everyone. Not to get all preachy, but to put it in a different perspective: I would be a very different person if I was forbidden from reading The Outsiders, or a Wrinkle in Time. I think I would mostly be different in that I would have actively searched those books out first and read them with clandestine pleasure.

Anyway, on to the fun part of Banned Book Week: The books and the art!

♠ This is a list of frequently challenged books (can you believe how many times Of Mice and Men has been questioned?)

♠ The banned book I chose to read this year was In the Night Kitchen. Babies are born naked, and seem to enjoy being naked the most, so why is that the basis

♠ Create a button on your website, or take a look at all these downloads and clip art. My favorite is the FORBIDDEN poster.

♠ I wish this burning bookmark wasn’t discontinued – it is perfect for such a holiday.♠ This blog post has some really cute sketches. If I worked in a library I would totally print some of those out and stick them in the stacks.

♠ A beautiful video: The Birth of a Book, via The Telegraph, UK:

♠ I cannot even begin to tell you of all the crafts that revolve around books, but in my research of course I have to share a few. Newsprint manicures, book covers made from t-shirts, and even a whole Pinterest category of book related fun! Get at it and read those banned books!

CAKE FOR BREAKFAST – something no one should be banned from reading about.

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