Friday Links, Ready to Go

I had started to make the link collage and realized, I just like this photo better. From my recent camping trip.

Here’s some happy discoveries for this week:

Freetail Brewing is a brewery in San Antonio and yes, they’re named after a bat. I want to go to there.

♠ I don’t really need to say much besides: bacon BBQ hot dogs. But I will mention this video about why you should spiral cut your hot dogs. More nooks and crannies!

♠ On the note of grilling (we keep our BBQ’s fired up year-round in these parts), a grilling cheat sheet, maybe the most important cheat sheet.

♠ Did you any of you receive the delia*s catalog when you were middle-schoolers (maybe the only mail you received), and go through and reinvent yourself through clothes you probably wouldn’t buy? I used to think if I had some of the cute dresses and shoes in there, I would instantly become cool. I never did. :/ But, I am happy to say they are still around, and I am seriously considering investing in some shoes. They might not make me cool, but they will help me keep up my Twin Peaks/Lady Lumberjack/Camp Counselor vibe from summer to fall/winter.

♠ This is their list from last week, but babble’s DIYs of the week is a great resource for goodies, and this one includes some mail art ideas!

♠ I was going to do a special Oktoberfest post, but since I’m not really planning a whole lot this year, I thought I’d let my newsletter from Zane Lamprey’s Drinking Made Easy do the hard work. There’s some historical trivia (my favorite!), a beer-stat inforgaphic, and even a beer milkshake recipe! Check it out while you “PROST!”

♠ Lastly, more autumn goodness – I have been playing this “Harvest Moon” cover over and over when I’m by myself:

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