Weekly Links

Happy Friday! It’s cloudy and semi-wintry in the desert finally, so I am really excited to dust off my sweaters!

♠ Photographs of the private lives of insane asylum patients. These suitcases and the stories accompanying them kind of fill up my heart, you know?

Mini marquee lights on Oh Happy Day! I am thinking of all the birthdays, holidays and events that need lit-up letters!

♠ Only one week left for Criterion’s annual 50% off sale – what will you get? I’m thinking Beauty and the Beast, or Rosemary’s Baby.

♠ Today I F****d Up: A subreddit where fuckups are winners Oh my. Oh guy who unknowingly superglued his hand to his wang, oh my.

♠ Photography Alert: Tips For Shooting in Black and White, via I Still Shoot Film

♠ Fascinating Geek Alert: List of animals by number of neurons. Elephants, whoa.

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