Links of the Week

Hot links – come and get ’em!

Cholitas – the ladies of Bolivian wrestling! This photo, of “Juanita the Loving One” is my favorite

♠ Beautiful pin up (NSFW) sketches by Maly Siri

♠ Another week, another terrific Kickstarter. This one is for The Roxie, the second oldest movie theater in the world. Located in San Francisco, plus, the Kick video is by John Waters!

♠ Do you slather on the eye cream at night, only to have semi-puffy eyes the next morning? Yup, me too. The Beauty Department has a great problem solving photoset, and info about how to apply it correctly.

♠ If you feel like Pinterest is overwhelming you, I found one profile that is pretty much a one-stop shop for inspiration.

Kids listen to “Paranoid Android.”

“Radiohead will take away my toothbrush?”

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