Last Links of November

While the coldest weather hasn’t touched us in Arizona yet, thankfully the leaves are falling, giving us the impression that winter is on our doorsteps. So grab your mug of cocoa and check out some neat-o internets I found.

link collage

Bill Nye – the first science nerd I fell in love with, not wholly because of his bowties…but partly.
♠ On the subject of science and wisdom, 6 Pieces of Folksy Wisdom That Are Actually True. Guess I can’t make fun of my dad and sister for their knees hurting when it’s going to rain.
♠ The Daily Routines of Writers is interesting, although I can’t believe more of them didn’t have crrrrazy routines. Have your read HST’s (unsourced) quoted breakfast routine?
♠ Fathom Events is showing TWO Tarantino movies next week: Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs. I wish I had the money to see both! Maybe if I heisted some diamonds…
BatCon sent me an email with Christmas ideas and what better gift to give than an adopting a bat? That fruit bat is so adorable!
♠I’m no perfect Martha Stewart, but I was able to create this holiday wreath for next to nothing. Get the DIY instructions on the Paper Source blog.
diy straw wreath
What would you do if money was no object?

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