Happy National Cookie Day


Happy National Cookie Day! What is that, you say? Well, it’s pretty self-explanatory, so instead of explaining, let’s get to the cookies!


Photo via Desserts For Breakfast

I decided to create a little taste-test day and made half-batches of several different recipes, boxed them up along with a scorecard (c/o You Are My Fave), sat down with a glass of soy milk and got to the taste-testin’!

These were the recipes that were in it to win it:

♠ The  New York Times recipe that people rave about;

♠ Levain Bakery “copycat” chocolate chip;

♠ Martha Stewart’s (of course) Soft and Chewy

♠ my favorite David Leibovitz recipe (used here)

(I was going to try out Cannelle et Vanille’s extraordinary-sounding ones, but it calls for even more specialized ingredients than the NYT recipe. Chocolate Chip Cookies are beauty in their simplicity, right? It’s hard enough on my patience chilling the dough overnight.)

cookie scores

Hope you are celebrating this most sacred (it’s sacred in my house for sure) of days with a nice warm cookie.

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