The Subtle Markers of Ambition

I read a tweet the other day that led me to this article (it’s short, I swear!) about research that studied the ambitions of high schoolers, based on language modifications.

It is interesting to think that something that seems so basic could have any impact on future successes. Then I started thinking about the language I used in high school, and how it slowly changed and morphed each year, and into college and passed through to today. The only thing I still hang on to is “like,” which I don’t need to go into because countless, more eloquent people than I have expounded upon it. At length.

But being conscious in your language is something that could be a great help to anyone looking to be more conscious period. What, and how, you project your ideas into the world is a small thing that makes a big difference. If not to anyone else, to change your own perspective.

Really interesting indicator of how subtle the markers of ambition and achievement are, and how we (mostly unconsciously) interact with them as we make our way down our chosen paths in life. Once these young women graduate from college, their speech patterns will continue to shape and be shaped by their life circumstances.

Are there any words or part of your language you want to change?

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