An Esquire Christmas

Since it has been well documented that I am an avid fan of Esquire Magazine, I thought I’d share a few of their December covers (via their glorious Cover Archive) that are my favorites.

The Cover Men:

cover men

Murray Christmas, 1998; America’s first Black Santa, Sonny Liston (the photo shoot has a great backstory here); The Power Stance, 2000

The “Esky” Covers:

cover decor

For those not familiar with “Esky,” he is Esquire’s little mustachioed mascot.
I will put a page break here, because the next photos are semi-NSFW.

This is one of my favorite covers not only for the adorable scene on the front, but it hides something…esquire pullout calendar2 esquire pullout calendarA full size pullup pinup calendar! I need to find one of these on eBay or something because pinups are one of my loves, and Miss July is a Vargas Girl I have tattooed on my back! 50 Cents for this at the time of print, oh golly!

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