Subtle Sparkle

new years 1958January 1958 Esquire cover, from their archives.

It’s time to set fire to 2012! 13 is one of my favorite numbers, so here’s hopin’ 2013 is full of adventure, mirth, fizzy drinks and tons of smiles. I may seem a bit over-the-top, but when it comes to sparkle, I say subtle is the key. What do I mean?

Sparkle Collage

1. Create an easy confetti launcher with a balloon and a tiny paper cup. 2. A gold-rimmed coupe glass is a sure-fire way to get some sparkle to your lips. 3. An invite or well-wish card via Paperless Post (or for me – a new desktop wallpaper!) 4. Some subtly glitter dusted brogues. 5. A photobooth corner covered in sequins and a smile will be all the sparkle your party needs!

Bonne Année, Amis!

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