How to Fold Clothes

That title seems so inane, but hear me out.

I have found a way to fold clothes into a bureau/dresser that is so simple and effective, I can’t believe I wasted so many years piling clothes on TOP of one another. The method I found was from Beverly Hills Organizer, and while at first it seems semi-confusing, once you watch the video while you’re folding a couple shirts, you will have the system down.

I love how the drawers look like a li’l filing cabinet!


Photo Editing

Time to come clean here: I am a Photoshop dunce.

I have tried dozens of times to try and figure it out. I even have it at work and am encouraged to use it there! But something about it just doesn’t click with me.

So, I have to use the array of other (ahem, virtually free) photo editing out there to do my dirty work.

There are 4 that I use heavily, all for different things.

Picasa is the quickest, for when I just need to crop and straighten. It also seems to be handy (for other people, I haven’t used this part) to share an album online. So if you have relatives far away that don’t have Facebook or Flickr, you can throw an album up online for them to see.

The next one I use is iPiccy. It is like the baby step of PS – it has clone tools, layers, etc. But the reason I really like it is that you can edit a photo from a website. So I can quickly edit and create a collage for my weekly link page, without having to save the photo, edit it, upload it again, etc.

PicMonkey is my favorite online editor, because the features are very user friendly, and the text over photo offerings (even though they are subscription-based now) are the best.

My new absolute favorite is CameraBag 2.0. The Beau bought it for me as a Christmas present (does he know me or what?!) through Steam. I can see by perusing the website they also offer it for free on the iphone, and you can download a free trial on your desktop. Warning, if you like the look of old photos, you will LOVE this editor. So many different styles of altering your photos – light leaks, vignettes, film bleed borders, B & W blowout…I could go on and on. But it is a great way to turn some good photos into great, interesting ones.

CAMERA-BAG-2-ICON-300x300The newest editing tool I have come across is Canva. This is a great tool for creating images for commercial and blog use. You can add backgrounds, text, even buy stock images to add!

My Home Bar: Bourbon Bliss

bourbon bliss txt

P1150811  P11508121

The Bourbon Bliss

1 ¼ ounce bourbon

¾ ounce Grand Marnier

4 ounces of orange juice

Splash of grenadine

Shake all ingredients and serve over ice with an orange/cherry flag.

from Bourbon Babe


Depending on how much of a “splash” of grenadine you put in, the color should range from orange-red to Valentine reddish pink. Hmm…maybe I should have waited until V-day to share this recipe…aww heck, bourbon with grenadine is good anytime!

Links of the Week

IMG_0347I am truly grateful to live in the desert in winter – the sunsets are out of this world. Almost literally – minus the trees and cars, the sky looks like it’s on MARS!

♠ In the interest of a new year, a new hand at simplifying, I find inspiration to pare down from the poster “Everything I Have.” It really is kind of eye-opening when you have it all laid out right there in one place, eh?

♠ The archive of “Field Notes” memo/notebooks are a great look-through for type and retro nerds.

♠The list has arrived! This Cinematic Life has released their voters’ favorite films of 2012! The list of people keeps getting bigger and bigger, but almost everyone voted in a certain Wes Anderson film. I was really pulling for Skyfall to be higher, but not everyone is a Bond fan.

♠ Some fantastic tips for taking better photos with your phone. Surprise surprise – it has a lot to do with light.

Beer Flavor Wheel.

♠ Being sick the last week, I have been drinking my yearly allotment of tea. I thought it was amusing reading about George Orwell and Christopher Hitchens’ rules for tea. I wish someone could make me a right tea and a wrong tea so I could tell, side by side, if there really is a difference.

♠ Thanks to my buddy Dave, this week I got to listen to Elliott Smith on The Jon Brion Show:

(yes, it’s super long but…it’s pretty beautiful)

Organizing Stamps and Addresses

At the beginning of the year, Felt + Wire had a great post about getting stamps organized for setting up a little travel station for letter paraphanelia, and included a great idea for organizing stamps in a Field Notes book with glassine envelopes!


I adore this idea, but what I don’t adore is taking up precious pages in my Field Notes book. I am stingy when it comes t those pages! Near the end of last year, I started an index book for addresses. It’s just a plain, metal-ringed 3×5 index card folio. On the back I had put an envelope for emergency postage and thought, “Oh doi, just continue in that vein!” Yes, I say ‘doi’ to myself, more often than I would like to admit.


So I took some glassine envelopes, affixed them to the inside back cover and last few pages of my address book, et voila! Two birds, one stone, and all that!