First Link Week of 2013!

2013 scoutsphoto via Scout’s Honor Co. The plaid is my reminder to live every day like you were in Twin Peaks.


♠ New Years’ Resolutions From the Design Community by Design Sponge

♠ Pink eagle photo, above: The Conservation Pledge. This is something I feel I need on the wall of my house.

Pee Wee Over Louisville. Early September, I am going to try my darnedest to get to Kentucky.

♠ An Illustrated Talk with Maurice Sendak. vis Swiss Miss.

Drunken Angels, on Sunset Gun. I love her long windings, and this one struck me particularly because Holiday! is one of my favorite movies. She talks about some others that grasp my heartstrings: Grant/Hepburn, champagne/Marilyn, Christmas/Eyes Wide Shut.

♠ A tour of the International Space Station, or ISS if you nasty.

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