Links of the Week

I didn’t have time to create a collage before I got some scratchy throat symptoms, so here’s a little page torn from my grilled cheese bible. Photo from Carey Nershi of Reclaiming Provincial.

Lousy Book Covers. Some of them are just too much to handle.

♠ Star Talk Radio, Neil Degrasse Tyson’s podcast, is one of my favorites. He gets comedians, authors, actors, scientists, astronauts and more together to talk shop. One of my favorites this last week was “Packing for Mars,” chatting about toilet/sex issues in space. Come on, it’s what everyone wants to know anyway.

♠ I am not too educated in the organic market scene, but all my fellow Phoenicians have been raving about Market on the Move. It seems like they even come to the West Valley, very cool!

♠ 10 Commonly Misunderstood Words in English. I intensely dislike when people misuse ‘bemuse.’

♠ Cyndi Lauper was one of my childhood idols, and this interview with her hair and makeup stylist is a great read for someone like me, who has always wondered about her bird of paradise ‘do.

♠ A super long read about the spectacular thefts of Apollo Robbins.

♠ Anthony Pettis kicking eggs. Pretty awesome.

♠Why E-mail Will Never Replace the Handwritten Note. Seriously, that extra special touch goes a long way. I sent thank you cards to the people that interviewed me and 6.5 years later, I still have that job.

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