Organizing Stamps and Addresses

At the beginning of the year, Felt + Wire had a great post about getting stamps organized for setting up a little travel station for letter paraphanelia, and included a great idea for organizing stamps in a Field Notes book with glassine envelopes!


I adore this idea, but what I don’t adore is taking up precious pages in my Field Notes book. I am stingy when it comes t those pages! Near the end of last year, I started an index book for addresses. It’s just a plain, metal-ringed 3×5 index card folio. On the back I had put an envelope for emergency postage and thought, “Oh doi, just continue in that vein!” Yes, I say ‘doi’ to myself, more often than I would like to admit.


So I took some glassine envelopes, affixed them to the inside back cover and last few pages of my address book, et voila! Two birds, one stone, and all that!

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