Links of the Week

IMG_0347I am truly grateful to live in the desert in winter – the sunsets are out of this world. Almost literally – minus the trees and cars, the sky looks like it’s on MARS!

♠ In the interest of a new year, a new hand at simplifying, I find inspiration to pare down from the poster “Everything I Have.” It really is kind of eye-opening when you have it all laid out right there in one place, eh?

♠ The archive of “Field Notes” memo/notebooks are a great look-through for type and retro nerds.

♠The list has arrived! This Cinematic Life has released their voters’ favorite films of 2012! The list of people keeps getting bigger and bigger, but almost everyone voted in a certain Wes Anderson film. I was really pulling for Skyfall to be higher, but not everyone is a Bond fan.

♠ Some fantastic tips for taking better photos with your phone. Surprise surprise – it has a lot to do with light.

Beer Flavor Wheel.

♠ Being sick the last week, I have been drinking my yearly allotment of tea. I thought it was amusing reading about George Orwell and Christopher Hitchens’ rules for tea. I wish someone could make me a right tea and a wrong tea so I could tell, side by side, if there really is a difference.

♠ Thanks to my buddy Dave, this week I got to listen to Elliott Smith on The Jon Brion Show:

(yes, it’s super long but…it’s pretty beautiful)

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