Links of the Week

Steve Martin, via swissmiss

♠ 20 Years Without Audrey.

♠ The Australian Outback, as seen by my favorite tweeting astronaut, Chris Hadfield

♠ While on the road trip to and from L.A., The Beau and I listened to quite a few podcasts. While our old standbys were superb (Comedy Bang Bang and Beyond Belief), the breakout favorite was a new one called Mission Log. It is a Star Trek podcast. they watch an episode, then discuss it, whether it holds up through time, etc. LOVE at first listen.

♠ A long read about how the post office works, and why that is reason enough to save it. From – where else? – Esquire.

♠ A long listen from Clayton Cubitt about his work and life, Hysterical Literature and Die Antwoord.

Cloud Project: “How do I land?”

♠ The Last Days of ’30 Rock’

♠ I really delight in subtle nods to favorite movies, so this mug is right up my alley:




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