Day-After Sweets

via The Daily Frenchie

Feeling a bit…well, Valentine hungover?

 The sweets, the champagne, the decadent meals…it’s a bit much for one day. The good thing about the holiday season is that you can spread it out and be conscious of your indulgences. With one day of decadence, it really hits you the next day. Everything in moderation, my darlings. Last night instead of going out for dinner, The Beau and I made something new for dinner (together), and I whipped up some madeleines for dessert. We topped them with whipped strawberry frosting (from a discounted sugar-free cake), and voila! The lemon of the madeleines gave it a fresh feeling, but they are so light – unlike a chocolate lava cake or something of the like – that we didn’t feel overwhelmed with sweetness.

Anyway, I guess the real summary of this post is: fruit, whipped topping and madeleines are the stuff clouds are made of, and of that I am certain.

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