Common Cold Tips and Prevention

cold remedy

As I sit here, finally over the last dregs of my runny nose, I thought I would share with you some tips for preventing, getting through and getting over colds and the like.

With fever it’s only slightly different, but first off, I’m no doctor, so my “tips” are obviously just things I have picked up along the way of being sick once, each winter, for several weeks, for the entirety of my life.

♠ When you first start to notice the itchy, scratchy, sore just-the-tiniest-bit throat, run to the ocean. If you don’t have an ocean nearby (stupid desert), create some salt water in a glass, and dutifully gargle twice a day. I might have mentioned this before, and I’m reiterating it because it works. There are so many things my mother throws at me that I don’t take to heart, but gargling with salt water (and moisturize your neck) is something that I commend her on for being right.

♠ Humidifier. In the desert, the air is SO DRY. When you’re feeling under the weather, it dries out your throat and causes all kinds of coughing, up-all-night problems. So having a humidifier helps quite a bit.

♠ Zinc. I know zinc tends to fall in the homeopathic category, and it doesn’t help everyone to the same degree, but it certainly doesn’t hurt.

♠ Sleep and flat-out rest. So many times when I am home sick, I feel like it’s an extra day off to do laundry, clean the kitchen, etc. But if you call out of work, you should be resting as much as humanly possible. Pile up the blankets on the couch, throw on some X-Files (what doesn’t everyone watch X-Files when they’re sick?), and the only thing you should be working on is drinking as much water as you can.

Additional resources:

Design Sponge must have been reading my mind (or everyone seems to get sick around early February!), because they also had a write-up about cold tips. Some are extremely intriguing, and while I can’t say I’m terribly excited to get sick again, I am thrilled to have a bunch more things to try to combat runny noses and congestion. I bet the 4 drops oil of oregano and a shot of apple cider vinegar tip is a good suggestion as a monthly good health thing, too.

Cold sock tip.

♠ Tips from around the world

♠ A Gala Darling “Magical potion” : Boil water and pour in cup. Squeeze in whole lemon. Grate lots of ginger. Cut 1 clove of garlic into tiny pieces. Add aspirin, a squirt of honey, whiskey and cayenne pepper. Then drink.

(I have tried that magical potion and while it isn’t the tastiest thing in the world (and I put WAY too much pepper in), it does the trick.

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