My Home Bar: Hanky Panky

hanky panky text hanky panky1 hanky panky3

“Renew But Conserve.” A great motto for such an interesting spirit.

I first read about Fernet Branca care of Hunter S. Thompson (although I have not tried it to cure hangovers), and was again reminded I needed to try it, via NPR. Since all I have read about it is that it is an extremely acquired taste, I decided to start out small (with the tiny bottle), and mixed into a cocktail (hence the Hanky Panky).

IT. IS. Tasty. But yes, it is also an extremely acquired taste, and you really have to be in the mood for it.

I would say that this is the perfect time of year for Hanky Panky. The drink, of course. Everyone is ready for spring, but winter refused to unwrench its claws from our arms. This drink will definitely make you forget your winter blues, but not in the usual citrus-cocktail way.

Read the history over on The Straight Up.

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