Oscar White

I know it’s so passé to do an Oscar post, but there’s always some people who blow me away with their choices.

Besides Clooney’s hair being gorgeous, and daniel day-lewis’ navy suit being dandy dapper, the ladies’ choice were strikingly obsessed with winter white:

oscar white 1 thru 5 oscar white 5 thru 9

The non-white dress that really floored me, though, was Naomi Watts’.oscar naomiIt seems elegant and understated, and as you look at it more, it hits you how architecturally sexy it is. And the color is perfect. If it was red, or white, or something else, it would have completely taken on a different (less statuesque) tone. She got it so right. Halle Berry and Charlize also did structured tight gowns, too, which I just love. Like they’re all working on their Robot Maria from Metropolis vibe.

All photos via bohemea, except Octavia Spencer’s and the after-party Miley Cyrus

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