Spring Fun List!

(via Ash Imagery)

Last year, I got really depressed during the winter months. Thinking about how hot it gets in the summer, I look back and think – how incredibly odd. Winter is when I should be kicking up my heels and feeling grateful I live in a place everyone wants to be in winter.

But I did not feel that way. So I thought that maybe, it was the list of ideas that I didn’t create that made it seem there was no light at the end of the tunnel. So this year, I changed that.

I made a big ol’ list of ideas, adventures, and goals for this season. Preferably no sitting (unless it’s in a photobooth!)

  1. Hiking at least 2 state parks I have not visited before
  2. Make a blanket (maybe a t-shirt one, if I get all ambitious) in time for winter
  3. Monthly camping trips to escape the city
  4. Make lots and lots of popsicles, including some new flavors (avocado! Fruit chunks!)
  5. Draw up a container garden design and get to planting my kitchen garden
  6. Find and paint outdoor chairs in mismatched, bright colors
  7. Outdoor movies in the backyard
  8. Weekly trips on bike to thrift store/record shop/grocery
  9. Racquetball as exercise. My new rental is right down the block from a park with courts open at all hours.
  10. Dinner at a drive-in burger joint (or maybe just slushies)
  11. Bike everywhere that we can
  12. Dinner at the local open air restaurant on the lake
  13. Lots of games of scrabble, slapjack, crazy 8s, apples to apples
  14. Make lots and lots of new spring/summer foods–pizzas/fruits on the grill, kebabs, salads, pies, ribs, creative sandwiches–for hiking picnics and al fresco dining
  15. Catch a cover band (Local Beatles cover band, Apple is one of my faves)
  16. Attend a neighborhood Art Fair (or create a backyard art gallery)
  17. Catch some open air movies in the park
  18. Stone skipping
  19. Map and plan night picnics to watch some astro-happenings.
  20. Put the finishing touches on my letter-writing mini zine and sent to members of Letter Writers Alliance and Order of the Envelope, and work on the summer zine (essay about lightning bugs, classic playlist)
  21. Make a summer mix for my dearest family + friends

2 thoughts on “Spring Fun List!

  1. Jessica, where are you living that you’re near an open-air restaurant on the lake? And local stuff? I love your list!

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