Happy Spring Links

This photo has nothing to do with moving, or links, but it’s kind of how ridiculous it is to box up all my stuff.

I have been putting off making a link post for a couple weeks. Not because I didn’t want to, but because I am in the middle of moving, and fighting a cold/allergies/sinus infection? that I need to kick! But hey, let’s get the spring links going!

♠ BuzzFeed has a DIY tumblr, and I am in love. I can’t wait to make some bottle stoppers with magical crystals on top.

♠ Speaking of bottles, I love Design Sponge’s Hangover Cures from the Creative Community. A lot of really great tips.

Beautiful Women With Short Hair is making me feel that ol’ familiar itch…

♠ All my cameras are boxed up right now, so I really needed this.

Poor Worf; he really just needs a place to sit down, not get shut down. This video had me in tears it was so funny.

♠ Valentines’ is not the only time to enjoy romantic things.


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