Roger Ebert

I was so struck by the passing of one of my favorite writers of film criticsm, Roger Ebert.

Looking at my well-thumbed copy of Great Movies, I feel so grateful that not only is there a wealth of his books and essays about film at my fingertips, but also his twitter, filled with random news findings and other personal things that, even in 140 characters, let his voice shine through so perfectly.

As I read all the outpourings of love and connections with this man in the film community, it is very heartening to see and read how much he has touched and influenced so many people in how they view movies and as an extension, their own lives and the world.

I am so sad to think I won’t have a weekly reminder of great B movie trailers, random bits and fabulous (and FREE) old movies to watch, c/o The Ebert Club.

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