Skating Polly, Lost Wonderfuls

skating-polly-rockingphoto via MentalSwag

A couple weeks ago, I was trying to create a Spring playlist to play while unpacking my new house and general “fun” adult stuff. I couldn’t think of but a few new songs I liked well enough, and had the spring-y vibe, to add to the list.

Then the lovely Liz tweeted about an interview she did with Skating Polly, a riot grrrl band if there ever was one. With a 13-year old frontwoman. And an album produced by Exene, from X.

Their album Lost Wonderfuls was just released early April, and it really is a great album for rolling the windows down and letting loose on a Friday night.

Also, I love this version of “Mr. Proper Englishman.

Don’t take my word for it, you can also get Exene’s take on these little rockers:

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