April is the Cruelest Month


Usually, April is my hands-down, absolute favorite month of the year (besides October, of course). But this year it has really tested the limits of my optimistic resolve. We moved into a new place (family friend short sale, so rent is cheap) that isn’t without its trying times (weekdays we have to let interested buyers look through it), to start. Then, I got injured in a bike accident – in that I accidentally met the pavement. A trip to the emergency room and wallets a little lighter, I’m pretty much ok. Then the fun part – Disneyland! Got to hang out with family wearing goofy family shirts (all kids need a goofy “family on vacation wearing same shirts” trip, right?), got to eat my beloved churro, it was a great day, despite hobbling around with bike injuries.

Now, the end of the month, I am feeling the dry, allergic air hit my throat something fierce. I have to say, this summer is looking better if this April of ups and downs is behind me.

2 thoughts on “April is the Cruelest Month

  1. Good thing a new month starts tomorrow!! Sorry this month had it’s setbacks;( At least Disnyland was in there and that makes everything better!

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