Insert Punny Title About Gilmore Girls

Can you guess what The Beau brought home from the library for me this week?


If you can’t share the littlest amount of joy with me, we have nothing more to say to each other.

Oh family Gilmore, I have no idea why I didn’t turn back to you more often since I left you. Your relationship is precious, your small, eccentric town is so charming I considered moving to Connecticut until I realized that it never stops being winter, your obsession with junk food and coffee is on the admirable level…you are just an absolute joy to watch.

I am not alone – thank goodness for the AV Club. They started 2 months ago going through the series episode by episode, one of my favorite things they do. If there’s something I love as much as watching my favorite or new-favorite TV shows, it’s reading what extremely talented writers have to say about it, too.

I will probably talk about this more later (when I stop crying from all the high school feels I’m going through), so be prepared for the Summer of Gilmore!


Happy Full Flower Moon!

Full Flower Moon – May In most areas, flowers are abundant everywhere during this time. Thus, the name of this Moon. Other names include the Full Corn Planting Moon, or the Milk Moon.

Even though we are almost out of beautiful flower season here in Arizona, there is something to be said for anything flower-related this time of year. Flowers are inviting, and a great way to bring a little fresh air and green into your home. If you don’t live in a place where flowers bloom at your feet as you take a sortie around your neighborhood like me, you can always put paper/felt/plastic bags to glue and make your own! Here are some flower ideas, plucked from the web:

flower-moon-post-collagethe blogging world has been abuzz with the new flower arranging idea book The Flower Recipe Book. I can already tell by the cover it is one that you can continually go back to as a reference to ramp up your flower style. The photos are from design*sponge and A Cup of Jo, on how to arrange supermarket flowers, and some ideas from the book itself, including this unique lily arrangement.

flower-moon-post-collage2This photo is one I took while putting together a bouquet of beyond-the-wall roses. I call them that because they are from my parent’s neighbor whose roses continually grow up and over into their yard. If they touch our side, they’re game, right? The last photo is a gorgeous paper rose in a pretty unique piece. The House That Lars Built created the cloche from Beauty and the Beast! I can’t wait to give one of these to my nieces once they’ve seen the movie!

Some Choice Links Today

I can’t really say if you will think they’re choice links, but they were my choice, so they will always be choice.

♠ The wildly popular NY Times post about the Scientific 7-Minute Workout now has a timer, which shows the workout step as well as how many seconds left. To me, that is invaluable, otherwise I’d be doing chair steps in my office yelling “TWENTY-SEVEN…”

♠ A light little baked good that seems like a great summer treat: Raspberry Confetti Kisses!

♠ I haven’t even got to mention on the blog here about how much I love Hannibal. It is by far my favorite drama on network TV in years. Years. The Fannibals (yes, Hannibal Fans) have launched a campaign to make sure it gets picked up for another season, involving the hashtag #eattherude, which tickles me. You can see more about one woman’s campaign here, along with a jpg to download the above business card to send to NBC.

♠ One more link: Does anyone else have a super hard time getting rid of books? Books I have had for years and never read, new books I acquire, old books I didn’t particularly like, they’re all hanging out on my shelves, and it stops this month!

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

My ideas for this year’s Mother’s Day gifts really run the gamut. I like the idea of giving my mom one real quality piece that she can treasure, or a few things that will make her smile. Let’s see what I came up with:


Top Row: Make her something she can use, made with your own two hands – Lip Balm;  give her something cozy that will remind her that you love her year-round: a cashmere sweater!; my mom loves clever things, and this Wooden Gem Necklace is totally clever.

Middle Row: My secret? I bought my mom the e-book version of Kelly Oxford’s Everything is Perfect When You’re a Liar. I bought it a month ago or so when it was on sale, and the best thing is you can schedule when you want it sent. So she will open up her e-reader Sunday and poof! A random new book will be on her bookshelf and I just know she’ll be thinking, “WTF, did I drunkenly buy a bunch of books?”; Bulbs: uh…I guess this one takes some forethought, since you should have planted them at least a month ago, but the traditional amaryllis or tulips would be great. I would vote live flowers always over a bouquet, that is, if your mom likes to garden, or tend plants. Another DIY if your mom enjoys jewelry – Painted Bracelets.

Bottom: I love these Gold Letter Balloons – I wish I could keep them filled for my mom year-round.

Lastly, if your mom is a fan of color, a spring/summer paper flower wreath is where it’s at!


Mother’s Day: An Education

we-all-quote-our-mothersArt by Katie Daisy. Card available through Parkside Papers

What have/did you learn from your mom? Among my top favorite things my mom has taught me:

1. Moisturize your neck.

2. Always change your undies. Sounds completely random, but we joke that there are more scenarios than the obvious “bluer” ones that you would be thankful you’re wearing a pair of clean Underoos.

3. Don’t wallow in the pity pool for too long.

There are also other things that moms can teach us by doing, no matter how positive or negative:

4. Don’t be late. My whole family on my mother’s side has a problem with punctuality. When we want a family gathering to start at 2pm, we tell people to be there at 1. It has taught me that for some things, on time is when you get there, but really, if someone is waiting for you, you’re already late.

Do you not know that much about your mom? Maybe try a mini interview.

Sleep Love

Photo via Serge Low Rider Instagram

I know I blogged about sleep a looong time ago (wow! Three years!), but sleep posts always bear repeating, and adding to.

This is just a quick one with recommendations for things that have helped me.

Dream Water. A nice, tiny little shot of something that really helps. It is pretty expensive, compared to you know, nothing, but when I have an event or something I need to be up early for work, or I have been dragging the entire day, I love having these because it really helps me stay asleep, which is one of my biggest sleep woes. You can even get a coupon to try your first bottle of Dream Water free!

Pure melatonin. This chemical already occurs naturally in your body, but taking just a tiny bit more helps to get you to sleep quickly. After reading the wiki page, I also see that I can cut these tablets in half and still have the same effect, so it’s like I just doubled my money!

Exercise. The Beau likes to work out at the beginning of the day, because it energizes him and makes him feel good. He is also a morning person. I don’t even start to really hit my functioning stride until 1pm, so the thought of doing rigorous exercise in the morning sounds akin to getting a root canal before running a marathon. The great news is, I don’t have to do it in the morning. My body works so that when I do my workout in the early evening, instead of being amped and energizing, it knows that this is the end the day. Plus, I don’t feel as bad eating pizza when I worked out 15 minutes before. 🙂

The lightest of scents. I have a very picky nose. I know a lot of people that say that and then wear ounces of perfume, but I can assure you, if you wear too much perfume/hairspray/garlic pills, I will stay further away from you than is socially acceptable. But, if you fill your bedroom with the slightest of jasmine scents, it’s highly probably I will curl up on your pillow like a giant cat.

Epsom Salt soak. I do not like baths at all. But, when you fill a warm bath with Epsom salts? Sign me up! Did you know that magnesium is an element in regenerative sleep? And soaking in Epsom salts – or, magnesium sulfate – is a great way to get a bunch of it?

This is not a sponsored post. I just like recommending things I love.