Mother’s Day: An Education

we-all-quote-our-mothersArt by Katie Daisy. Card available through Parkside Papers

What have/did you learn from your mom? Among my top favorite things my mom has taught me:

1. Moisturize your neck.

2. Always change your undies. Sounds completely random, but we joke that there are more scenarios than the obvious “bluer” ones that you would be thankful you’re wearing a pair of clean Underoos.

3. Don’t wallow in the pity pool for too long.

There are also other things that moms can teach us by doing, no matter how positive or negative:

4. Don’t be late. My whole family on my mother’s side has a problem with punctuality. When we want a family gathering to start at 2pm, we tell people to be there at 1. It has taught me that for some things, on time is when you get there, but really, if someone is waiting for you, you’re already late.

Do you not know that much about your mom? Maybe try a mini interview.

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