Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

My ideas for this year’s Mother’s Day gifts really run the gamut. I like the idea of giving my mom one real quality piece that she can treasure, or a few things that will make her smile. Let’s see what I came up with:


Top Row: Make her something she can use, made with your own two hands – Lip Balm;  give her something cozy that will remind her that you love her year-round: a cashmere sweater!; my mom loves clever things, and this Wooden Gem Necklace is totally clever.

Middle Row: My secret? I bought my mom the e-book version of Kelly Oxford’s Everything is Perfect When You’re a Liar. I bought it a month ago or so when it was on sale, and the best thing is you can schedule when you want it sent. So she will open up her e-reader Sunday and poof! A random new book will be on her bookshelf and I just know she’ll be thinking, “WTF, did I drunkenly buy a bunch of books?”; Bulbs: uh…I guess this one takes some forethought, since you should have planted them at least a month ago, but the traditional amaryllis or tulips would be great. I would vote live flowers always over a bouquet, that is, if your mom likes to garden, or tend plants. Another DIY if your mom enjoys jewelry – Painted Bracelets.

Bottom: I love these Gold Letter Balloons – I wish I could keep them filled for my mom year-round.

Lastly, if your mom is a fan of color, a spring/summer paper flower wreath is where it’s at!


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