Some Choice Links Today

I can’t really say if you will think they’re choice links, but they were my choice, so they will always be choice.

♠ The wildly popular NY Times post about the Scientific 7-Minute Workout now has a timer, which shows the workout step as well as how many seconds left. To me, that is invaluable, otherwise I’d be doing chair steps in my office yelling “TWENTY-SEVEN…”

♠ A light little baked good that seems like a great summer treat: Raspberry Confetti Kisses!

♠ I haven’t even got to mention on the blog here about how much I love Hannibal. It is by far my favorite drama on network TV in years. Years. The Fannibals (yes, Hannibal Fans) have launched a campaign to make sure it gets picked up for another season, involving the hashtag #eattherude, which tickles me. You can see more about one woman’s campaign here, along with a jpg to download the above business card to send to NBC.

♠ One more link: Does anyone else have a super hard time getting rid of books? Books I have had for years and never read, new books I acquire, old books I didn’t particularly like, they’re all hanging out on my shelves, and it stops this month!

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