Insert Punny Title About Gilmore Girls

Can you guess what The Beau brought home from the library for me this week?


If you can’t share the littlest amount of joy with me, we have nothing more to say to each other.

Oh family Gilmore, I have no idea why I didn’t turn back to you more often since I left you. Your relationship is precious, your small, eccentric town is so charming I considered moving to Connecticut until I realized that it never stops being winter, your obsession with junk food and coffee is on the admirable level…you are just an absolute joy to watch.

I am not alone – thank goodness for the AV Club. They started 2 months ago going through the series episode by episode, one of my favorite things they do. If there’s something I love as much as watching my favorite or new-favorite TV shows, it’s reading what extremely talented writers have to say about it, too.

I will probably talk about this more later (when I stop crying from all the high school feels I’m going through), so be prepared for the Summer of Gilmore!


3 thoughts on “Insert Punny Title About Gilmore Girls

  1. I’ve never seen the show, somehow, though I’ve been told that I remind a few people of the mother on the show. I’m looking forward to your Summer of Gilmore.

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