A Roundup of Film News


Floating around in my world this week,  little bits of info regarding photography. Mainly, film photography.

♠ I learned earlier this week, via photojojo, that Kodak has halted production of their acetate film base, meaning their 35mm film has an official, but general, end date. They have enough stock to produce for a few more years…but then what? I remember balking at the $12 price tag of Polaroid in the years before they stopped production. Now I kick myself for not being a hoarder. I feel so silly to admit this, but when I read the PJ post, I immediately went to my budget and made a note to buy some Kodak film each paycheck. Even if it’s only a couple rolls, I will totally regret not buying it and have nothing when it’s gone.

♠ Next up, it’s all about Impossible. Yes, it’s pricey ($299), but hey guys, this is the future of analog: Instant Lab. Turn your smartphone photos into Impossible Instant Film. Yes, it is major neat-o. http://petapixel.com/2013/06/21/impossible-instant-lab-shipping-august-29th-for-299/

♠ Finally, a little personal camera news: I bought an Instax. I put it off because so many reasons ( I have several Polaroid cameras, I don’t need another camera…), but I finally bit the fuji bullet because I found out they have rainbow frames. And polka dot frames. And they are business-card size so you can fit them into your friends/family wallets in secret! I’m all about secret photos. So of course as soon as I ordered it, I obsessively check the status to see when it will be in my hot little hands to take photos of Tortilla, and my cocktails. And The Beau.

The Terminator: Space Edition

We just finished watching the Sarah Connor Chronicles, because in Casa Pepper we have been on a Lena Headey kick (Cersei, Mama, Sarah Connor!), and in my online searches for more Terminator info, I stumbled upon a different terminator altogether:


Photo via NASA’s blog

In space, the terminator is a sort of fuzzy line that separates day from night on the surface below. Twice a year, near the winter and summer solstices, the astronauts orbiting the Earth are given a perpetual twilight, as they skate between day and night, and they are able to capture some breathtaking pictures.

Seeing how the summer solstice was the end of last week, it seemed fitting to post this. See more photos on NASA’s blog here.

Happy Strawberry Moon!

June is the Strawberry Moon, getting its name because the Algonquian tribes knew it as a signal to gather ripening fruit. It was often known as the Full Rose Moon in Europe (where strawberries aren’t native).

There are lots of things you can do/eat/listen to, during this special moon. Not only is it strawberry-related, it’s also solstice-related! So raise a glass of strawberry wine to the longest day of the year. Or, have fun with these other goodies:

♠ Strawberry butter (c/o Say Yes To Hoboken’s Instagram): one stick of butter + 1/4 cup of strawberries + 1 tbsp. of powdered sugar. Mix until creamy, place in plastic tub, upside down butter dish, etc, to set.

♠ Set aside some time to paint some strawberries. Or, if you aren’t gifted in that realm, perhaps paint some strawberries!

♠ What kind of Friday would it be if I didn’t include a drink, and a special strawberry one at that?! Scrappy’s Romance is a great blend with bitter and bubbly, plus the fresh-made strawberry syrup can’t be beat!!

♠ There are – quite possibly – thousands of iterations of Strawberry salad, but I enjoy mine with candied pecans (needs no dressing!) or walnuts and some noodles.

Or, you could sit around wearing your favorite strawberry outfit, eat some strawberries and marshmallow strawberries, and have a listen to some Strawbs!

strawbie-selfie-2 fruit-salad-round strawberry-day-items

My Home Bar: Summah is My Jam

I thought I could sit out a week of My Home Bar, because maybe the Universe would say that one strawberry-laced drink for the weekend would suffice. But then I listened to the Summah episode of Who Charted?, a cherished podcast of mine, and I not only heard about a cool new show to watch, but also a bourbon drink with strawberry jam in it. Bourbon, strawberries, yes.

Photo of recipe, via twitter:


So, Happy First Day of Summah today, and stay tuned this weekend for some more strawberry fun!

Budget “Shopping”

Since this post’s title is something fun, I won’t bog down this particular post with stuff about financial burdens. But let’s just say, there are some times in life when buying a $24 dress is just not in the budget. Hell, it’s a battle within myself to buy a $6 shirt sometimes.

With this extreme budgeting in mind, I thought I’d share a few ways I like to “shop,” while keeping my bankroll in my pocket.

♠ Sketching, à la FIDM/RISD students. Well, I’m no runway designer, but I do love sketching outfit ideas. Sometimes I get inspired by the season, or a TV show I’m watching (Hannibal, your suits are so fetch I don’t know what to do with myself), things I have thrifted and fell in love with, or even a few ultra-fantasy pieces. Here is what I mean:


Sketches are from a great post on A Beautiful Mess called “Fashion Sketching For Beginners.” Mine never come out so great in the region, but the clothes are good.

final-fashion-sketch-processProcess sketch via Final Fashion.

Another great resource is Final Fashion, who is a runway sketch artist, among many things. She is an extremely capable artist, and has a great, great eye for stylish girls on the street, and the runway. I like to sketch a few ideas that are do-able right now, as in – they are in my closet, and a few ultra fantasy like pieces I’d have to be a Vanderbilt to own.

♠ Thrift store sales. There’s nothing more satisfying than finding something you love for a significantly low price. Usually around holidays some thrift places have a half off sale, and heck, Goodwill has a half off sale every month! It does take extreme patience, but think of the hunt as a 2-for-you win: You might get to snag a cashmere sweater for $5, plus, you burn a lot of calories with all that digging through the aisles!

♠ Clothes swap. Do you have friends that feel the shopping itch too, but are in the same financial boat, trying to save up for that next trip to Disneyland or next emergency hospital bill? Take all the clothes you aren’t completely in love with and have a clothes swap! Make a date of it – some punch, some finger foods (to eat after you’ve rifled through the clothes!) or desserts and voila! A great time to see your friends and get some new threads!

Pre-Weekend Links

Well, my vacation has begun, and I’m going on an impromptu overnight up north (you gotta jump on the chance to head north from the heat when you can!), so here’s some links for ya!


♠ On a nice day, you can see into the clearest lake in the world.

♠ Also, few songs are as good without their backing music. But, suffice it to say, a song with Freddie Mercury and David Bowie is not a regular song. (found via AV Club)

♠ The new Pentax Q7 is a tiny, awesome rainbow. ❤

♠ SUMMAH ALERT! Field Notes has released their summer pack and I lost it with excitement: Night Sky!

♠ Some amazing labyrinths in which to get lost.