Budget “Shopping”

Since this post’s title is something fun, I won’t bog down this particular post with stuff about financial burdens. But let’s just say, there are some times in life when buying a $24 dress is just not in the budget. Hell, it’s a battle within myself to buy a $6 shirt sometimes.

With this extreme budgeting in mind, I thought I’d share a few ways I like to “shop,” while keeping my bankroll in my pocket.

♠ Sketching, à la FIDM/RISD students. Well, I’m no runway designer, but I do love sketching outfit ideas. Sometimes I get inspired by the season, or a TV show I’m watching (Hannibal, your suits are so fetch I don’t know what to do with myself), things I have thrifted and fell in love with, or even a few ultra-fantasy pieces. Here is what I mean:


Sketches are from a great post on A Beautiful Mess called “Fashion Sketching For Beginners.” Mine never come out so great in the region, but the clothes are good.

final-fashion-sketch-processProcess sketch via Final Fashion.

Another great resource is Final Fashion, who is a runway sketch artist, among many things. She is an extremely capable artist, and has a great, great eye for stylish girls on the street, and the runway. I like to sketch a few ideas that are do-able right now, as in – they are in my closet, and a few ultra fantasy like pieces I’d have to be a Vanderbilt to own.

♠ Thrift store sales. There’s nothing more satisfying than finding something you love for a significantly low price. Usually around holidays some thrift places have a half off sale, and heck, Goodwill has a half off sale every month! It does take extreme patience, but think of the hunt as a 2-for-you win: You might get to snag a cashmere sweater for $5, plus, you burn a lot of calories with all that digging through the aisles!

♠ Clothes swap. Do you have friends that feel the shopping itch too, but are in the same financial boat, trying to save up for that next trip to Disneyland or next emergency hospital bill? Take all the clothes you aren’t completely in love with and have a clothes swap! Make a date of it – some punch, some finger foods (to eat after you’ve rifled through the clothes!) or desserts and voila! A great time to see your friends and get some new threads!

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