Happy Strawberry Moon!

June is the Strawberry Moon, getting its name because the Algonquian tribes knew it as a signal to gather ripening fruit. It was often known as the Full Rose Moon in Europe (where strawberries aren’t native).

There are lots of things you can do/eat/listen to, during this special moon. Not only is it strawberry-related, it’s also solstice-related! So raise a glass of strawberry wine to the longest day of the year. Or, have fun with these other goodies:

♠ Strawberry butter (c/o Say Yes To Hoboken’s Instagram): one stick of butter + 1/4 cup of strawberries + 1 tbsp. of powdered sugar. Mix until creamy, place in plastic tub, upside down butter dish, etc, to set.

♠ Set aside some time to paint some strawberries. Or, if you aren’t gifted in that realm, perhaps paint some strawberries!

♠ What kind of Friday would it be if I didn’t include a drink, and a special strawberry one at that?! Scrappy’s Romance is a great blend with bitter and bubbly, plus the fresh-made strawberry syrup can’t be beat!!

♠ There are – quite possibly – thousands of iterations of Strawberry salad, but I enjoy mine with candied pecans (needs no dressing!) or walnuts and some noodles.

Or, you could sit around wearing your favorite strawberry outfit, eat some strawberries and marshmallow strawberries, and have a listen to some Strawbs!

strawbie-selfie-2 fruit-salad-round strawberry-day-items

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