A Roundup of Film News


Floating around in my world this week,  little bits of info regarding photography. Mainly, film photography.

♠ I learned earlier this week, via photojojo, that Kodak has halted production of their acetate film base, meaning their 35mm film has an official, but general, end date. They have enough stock to produce for a few more years…but then what? I remember balking at the $12 price tag of Polaroid in the years before they stopped production. Now I kick myself for not being a hoarder. I feel so silly to admit this, but when I read the PJ post, I immediately went to my budget and made a note to buy some Kodak film each paycheck. Even if it’s only a couple rolls, I will totally regret not buying it and have nothing when it’s gone.

♠ Next up, it’s all about Impossible. Yes, it’s pricey ($299), but hey guys, this is the future of analog: Instant Lab. Turn your smartphone photos into Impossible Instant Film. Yes, it is major neat-o. http://petapixel.com/2013/06/21/impossible-instant-lab-shipping-august-29th-for-299/

♠ Finally, a little personal camera news: I bought an Instax. I put it off because so many reasons ( I have several Polaroid cameras, I don’t need another camera…), but I finally bit the fuji bullet because I found out they have rainbow frames. And polka dot frames. And they are business-card size so you can fit them into your friends/family wallets in secret! I’m all about secret photos. So of course as soon as I ordered it, I obsessively check the status to see when it will be in my hot little hands to take photos of Tortilla, and my cocktails. And The Beau.

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