Links to Say Goodbye to July

End of July: there is a small but noticeable light at the end of the tunnel that is summer. The monsoon rains came on time this year, so the past few weeks have been a huge ball of humidity, on top of 105 degrees-plus. October can’t come soon enough, though. For right now, I’m going to focus on the good things: cold ass A/C in the movie theaters, dresses, and all these little things:

♠ Marking August 15th on my calendar: RiffTrax Starship Troopers!

♠ I have a very conflicted view (much like everyone else) on Blurred Lines, but I can admit that damn, that beat is wicked catchy. So, even more than the original, I dig the gender-swapped version.

♠ Grantland created this great video about the Compton Cricket Club, which I had never heard of before; now I want to give them all my money to keep it going.

♠ Fiona Apple and P. T. Anderson’s collaborations are always so great, and the “Hot Knife” video is no exception.

♠ Dominique Pruitt’s To Win Your Love is a perfect mini album to play while sippin mojitos, by the pool, or a lively sunset tiki and s’mores camp out!

Quote of the Week


One of my major goals this year has been downsizing. Since March, I have slowly been trying to lessen my consumerist load, of sorts. We moved in April, and I have been determined to have a garage of only essentials: garden/car tools, camping supplies, Halloween/Xmas decorations. Yes, Halloween decor is essential.

In the spirit of the above quote, I am trying to really think about the clothes that I have, and if they are truly what I want. A big help has been The Daily Connoisseur, and her 10-Item Capsule Wardrobe. Also, when you have quality pieces you want to keep nice, Quite Continental has some great tailoring tips to make every piece a bespoke gem.

Happy Thunder Moon


Happy Thunder Moon! This month’s full moon is named because this is the time of year that the summer rains come hard…for most people. It has definitely – thankfully! – come to the desert. Here’s some lightning I shot just a couple nights ago, I don’t think I got any thunder sounds:

♠ Have you ever been Thunderstruck?

♠ Eat Drink Chic has a fabulous semi-thunder-related cloud magnet diy that could also be a turned into a great barrette or brooch.

♠ Are you in a part of the world that hasn’t had any rain and thunder in a while? Maybe listening to some here.

♠ A little Thunder…a little Lightning…a little Rain.

Weekend Links

While I say I am pretty confident in whizzing around the internet, I always have to thank my boyfriend for finding some true gems. So with that, I start out this edition of Links with the Taharka Brothers and their Ice Cream Truck to-be.


♠ That poster alone makes me want all the ice cream. A “socially conscious ice cream company…Taharka Brothers represents a generation of people wanting to better themselves, and we’re gonna use our ice cream as a way to make that happen.”

Cultural understanding, ice cream flavors named after activists and helping underprivileged areas by importing ingredients from places like Haiti. This is such a phenomenal idea, it makes me want to take a road trip to Baltimore, just to get some Pryor Knowledge!

They have more than met their goal, but for all their info, and watch their video, check out their Kickstarter Page.


♠ Earlier this week I talked about my bike obsession, did I also mention my car is kaput? I have been taking the bus to work for the last 3 months, and so far, it has been pretty great (I get a lot of reading done!). So, when I was perusing my favorite site for finance inspiration, I loved that this is in the same vein: 51 Things to Spend Your Money on Other Than Gas.  My little indulgence? Moo postcards and a new razor from Dollar Shave Club.

♠ MAZZY F***IN STAR! It has been too long, but now the wait is only a couple months. My 7th grade self is thrilled beyond belief.


♠ A new time-wasting site for me: Disney Ladies From Last Night!


♠ The Corpse Flower is getting ready to bloom again! You can watch it – sans stinkiness – via webcam here.


♠ A question I’ve been thinking about: Does Ignoring A Friend’s Mix Make You A Bad Person?

I can’t imagine not listening to something a friend has put together just for you. Of course, your musical tastes won’t be exactly the same, and that’s what makes it great. It stretches your ear to things you might not have listened to on your own. I thank my BFF Neesy for getting me to listen to more French chanteurs. I would have never thought to listen to “La Mer” if she hadn’t put it on a mix for me.




I don’t know if I mentioned it before, but in my bike accident back in April, I lost my bike in my whole crash debacle. The gears were stuck or something, and since I was in such shock about my crash, I just left it on the sidewalk as I walked home. I have no idea why I didn’t just stay there – I feel pretty foolish about it now – but now I have a bike-shaped hole in my life.

My dad graciously offered to help pay for my next bike (“…when you feel you’re ready for a new one.” So sweet.), so I have been traipsing through new blogs and bike sites, trying to find one that will last and be of use to me. So, of course I went so overboard with comparing and contrasting and goin’ crazy over prices, and I got overwhelmed.

So I thought maybe a blog post would help me narrow it down, and maybe some of you could give me some advice to mull over about brands, types, etc…

I have been looking (and pinning!) at so many different bikes, I don’t know which would be best. I do know though, that this is my favorite helmet so far:


Evel Knievel shall be my disputably-appropriate bike safety hero!

A Few Weekend Links

♠ Total Film’s 50 Amazing Films You’ve Probably Never Seen list is impressive. I have only seen 1 movie on it (The Bad Seed – excellent and TERRIFYING!) so I better start burning through it to build a proper October watchlist!

♠ How do you store your pens/markers/writing what-have-yous: up or down? The Well-Appointed Desk weighs in.

♠ The full Calvin & Hobbes comic archive. Online, and legal. For free!

golden rule sundae

♠ Stumbled upon this amazing tattoo from local shop Golden Rule Tattoo, and it has given me big ideas for my next ink excursion.

That’s all I got this weekend, time to go work my way through a pizza while watching Invicta!