Weekend Links

While I say I am pretty confident in whizzing around the internet, I always have to thank my boyfriend for finding some true gems. So with that, I start out this edition of Links with the Taharka Brothers and their Ice Cream Truck to-be.


♠ That poster alone makes me want all the ice cream. A “socially conscious ice cream company…Taharka Brothers represents a generation of people wanting to better themselves, and we’re gonna use our ice cream as a way to make that happen.”

Cultural understanding, ice cream flavors named after activists and helping underprivileged areas by importing ingredients from places like Haiti. This is such a phenomenal idea, it makes me want to take a road trip to Baltimore, just to get some Pryor Knowledge!

They have more than met their goal, but for all their info, and watch their video, check out their Kickstarter Page.


♠ Earlier this week I talked about my bike obsession, did I also mention my car is kaput? I have been taking the bus to work for the last 3 months, and so far, it has been pretty great (I get a lot of reading done!). So, when I was perusing my favorite site for finance inspiration, I loved that this is in the same vein: 51 Things to Spend Your Money on Other Than Gas.  My little indulgence? Moo postcards and a new razor from Dollar Shave Club.

♠ MAZZY F***IN STAR! It has been too long, but now the wait is only a couple months. My 7th grade self is thrilled beyond belief.


♠ A new time-wasting site for me: Disney Ladies From Last Night!


♠ The Corpse Flower is getting ready to bloom again! You can watch it – sans stinkiness – via webcam here.


♠ A question I’ve been thinking about: Does Ignoring A Friend’s Mix Make You A Bad Person?

I can’t imagine not listening to something a friend has put together just for you. Of course, your musical tastes won’t be exactly the same, and that’s what makes it great. It stretches your ear to things you might not have listened to on your own. I thank my BFF Neesy for getting me to listen to more French chanteurs. I would have never thought to listen to “La Mer” if she hadn’t put it on a mix for me.


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