Hotel Stationery

As I miiiight have mentioned a while ago, I have started rewatching Gilmore Girls this summer. We have gotten into territory that I no longer remember, so it’s thrilling. Lorelai is in the throes of building up her recently hollowed out inn, and starts gushing to Luke about the stationery samples. He could not care less about them, and also tells her that no one ever uses it. FOR SHAME, LUKE!

As a letter-lover, I thrill whenever I discover old stationery pads at the thrift store. I once got a huge bag of what I thought were just envelopes, but I got hotel stationery and scratch pads from several inns and motels, airmail envelopes and some hilarious 80s New Zealand postcards. Worth every penny of that $3. People always stress that it’s the details that count, and I totally agree; especially when it comes to h/motel stationery.

hotel-stationery-collageClockwise, top right: Overlook, Dollar and a Half, LA Ambassador, Holiday Inn.

If a place had some particularly kitschy, elegant, or just plain cool letterhead or envelopes, you better believe I would make it a point to not only write on it, but come back. There ya go, hotels, return business!


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